About Randolf Jorberg

A more recent overview of my work is available on my Polywork on YellowRandolf.com or @YellowRandolf on a social network of your choice. This is the blog of Randolf Jorberg, a german entrepreneur and brand builder, who moved to South Africa and opened BEERHOUSE in Cape Town in 2013.

I started my first business at age 17 in 1998, when I founded gulli.com and grew it into Germanys biggest geek-community. I first came to South Africa in 2007 and immediately knew that I needed a lifestyle change and the purchase offer for gulli.com came just at the right time, so I sold this business for a 7-digits-euro amount (20+ times profit multiple) to an international investor in early 2008.

Since then I enjoy the freedom to start new ventures of my choice. I opened 3Gstore.de in 2008, to quickly become Germany’s leading Shop for unlocked iPhones and exited it in 2011. Also in 2008 I launched OMClub – Germany’s yearly party for online marketers, where between 3-5000 online business professionals meet and party together every September during the dmexco tradeshow in Cologne. Over the years also launched or got involved with new online ventures, like CapeTownMagazine.com and Springlab/Recomed.

I am now busy conquering the world of (craft) beer in Africa. Beerhouse started on Long Street, Cape Town in 2013 and we are busy growing to 20 branches by 2020 and building a beer empire across the continent with the BHAG of building the Hard Rock Cafe of Craft Beer… 😉

A much better written profile of Randolf Jorberg can be found in the Weekend Argus. Please connect with my LinkedIn and follow my Facebook!

If you want to get in contact with me, please read here.

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