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Just a short roundup to my english speaking friends – my german posting contains more details regarding two affiliate meetings I attended here in Germany right after returning from my US-trip.
During SES 2007 we had alot of fun at the Googleplex at Google Dance and Karaoke. The paid-links debate only proved that google does not care about paid links as long as they are on highly relevant pages and not about viagra, so: who cares?
Google Visitor Badge

But much better than the overrated Google dance was certainly my appointment at Google a few days later. The Multiple-Choice-Salad ordering forms and healthy drinks are all I can talk about for now, as my digitally signed NDA does not allow me to say much more. The result of that meeting will soon be online at…

The days after were completely different – at Burning Man in the nevada desert I met nerds, freaks and lots of other friendly guys, because half the bay area meets in the desert for music, fun and much much more… I had a blast!

The Anti-Googlebomb Algo myth

Randolf —  July 24, 2007

If Matt Cutts says that the Googlebomb Problem was solved using a new algorythm that must be correct. After all it THE Matt Cutts from all-beloved Search-Engine Giant Google! Or is it possible that they lie to you? Why do they still claim that everything on Google’s result pages is still ordered by algorythms? Because it’s still done the manual way, they still don’t get the ‘smaller’ language-specific Googlebombs like the case of ‘völlige inkompetenz‘ (complete incompetence in german) that ranks the austrian politician Karl-Heinz Grasser #1 when searching for it with Google:

Völlige Inkompetenz

funny enough: when the safe search is activated the politicians webpage does not appear in the Google results. Does it mean that Google thinks of this Politician’s (empty) homepage as an adult site?

safesearch on

There were too many lies about Googlebombing-Algos on the internet – hope that stops somehow soon. Google just started manually modifying their rankings on a massive scale and tries to hide that from their observers.

On a side note: the most impressive changes in the search rankings due to the manual anti googlebomb ‘algo’ was caused for the term ‘exit‘. Before Google shuffled the results the Top 3 spots were occupied by, Google and Yahoo, who’re linked by tens of thousand adult sites with an ‘exit’ button on their index page but that is gone by now.