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OMClub 2013After opening the Beerhouse Cape Town on August 2nd, it’s now time to stay in Germany for the month of September. As it’s always difficult to explain my Hurra OMClub event to my non-german friends and why every year I start to overshare and post in german about OMClub and SEO contests, I’ll try to explain what it is actually about:

In September 2008 I launched a rather unusual party event and an accompanying Google ranking contest that is completely free to attend to people from the online marketing industry. It happens on the first night of the two-day dmexco digital marketing fair and started alternative party to the badly organized, expensive and boring official after-party. It is offering unlimited drinks (long, short, beer, wine, non-alcs, …), complimentary to the 1000 (in 2008) to 3000+ (in 2012) guests in an alternative unusual and exciting setting. Everything is paid for by incredibly generous companies who are keen to sponsor a party like no other (and to get their hands on some of the rare tickets 😉) They like the party so much, they even pay for the title rights to the event, online marketing agency did that now three years in a row – thank you!

OMClub dmexco party

The other thing, that always excites all SEOs (Search Engine Optimisers) in Germany ahead of the OMClub is the ‘traditional’ SEO contest, where one made-up keyword is chosen and the SEO ranking on #1 on the event date is walking away with a high-value price (usually a contract-free iPhone sponsored first by 3Gstore and then by Deutsche Telekom in 2011 and 2012). Expect this to be announced soon and look out for this tournament of google optimizers…

As demand for tickets always outgrew the size of the venue chosen, I now decided to do a big step. In 2013 the OMClub is moving into Colognes biggest indoor venue, the Kölnarena where we expect 4000+ guests for an event that is probably going to be Europe’s biggest (online) business party.

So if you wonder why I turned from Online Marketer to bar owner, the answer might eventually be:

I realized, I enjoy getting people drunk when organising my OMClub event… 🙂

When I split my blog into a German and an English one, I was aware that I wouldn’t blog too much on the English one, while living in Germany. But I really didn’t plan to blog THIS little, so I’m just trying to give you a rough overview what happened and what’s coming up very soon.

October 17th-18th is going to be a big day for the german online marketing industry. More than 8000 visitors are going to visit the leading online marketing düsseldorf (OMD – renamed to dmexco in 2009) fair and afterwards more than 700 of them are going to visit the OMclub Party organised by me. This event is title-sponsored by and co-sponsored by many well-known companies and friends of mine. We started small by planning an alternative party to the big and boring official party but were overwhelmed by the positive response from visitors and sponsors alike. If you go to Düsseldorf this year make sure not to miss the OMclub event!

We used this opportunity of so many marketing heads directed into our direction to give our newest project an extra boost. We aquired (a leading German Mac and iPhone blogazine) in June and now decided to sponsor the OMclub event with an iPhone 3G 16 GB (without any contract or SIMlock) from We think this is the coolest price you can give and just hope someone would ever give us a similar present… 🙂 We hope that alot of webmasters will agree and participate in our competition, because this iPhone is given to the person who appears in the first spot on for the keyword “Befreiphone. Befreiphone is a made up term, that can be translated as “freed phone” so we want to show how useful an iPhone without any SIMlock could be. I’d love to have such an iPhone, as I could use it with my german SIM as well as with my South African Number…

Besides aquiring we also moved into new larger offices in April, wrote a (real hardcover) book about 10 years with and had a blast at the office opening / book release / birthday party early August.

Update from September 29th: The Befreiphone SEO-Contest was a huge success with circa 3000 blogs and mainstream media sites like or participating and the newly coined term ‘befreiphone’ gets more than 550,000 results with Google as of today. This and other contests created alot of buzz during the hectic OMD days for our OMclub that was a smash hit. With 1000 party-goers attending we grew bigger than anyone expected and observers blogged that the OMclub was more talked about than the actual OMD-fair we all came to visit… (Photos)

As you can see there is lots of business and partying going on right now in Germany and I’ll be happy once all this is over and I can finally return to Cape Town in October to concentrate on the South African business again…