My USA Road Trip in the pink stretch limo

Randolf —  September 2, 2021

This incredible Craigslist find is my rolling home for the next weeks, while travelling the US, attending the Rebel Burn (better known as Burning Man or Renegade Burn due to it’s cancellation) from September 1 – 5. At Burning Man, you can expect to see the very yellow 💛 Randolf (yes, if you follow @YellowRandolf you’ve seen that my beard is now yellow!) in this pink stretch limo with (a long defunct Motorcycle Clothing store) branding and yellow or meet me at the incredible EO Camp dEOxidized @ 9 and Esplanade. Follow dEOxidized! My road trip to Burning Man got the attention of Britain’s leading tabloid The Sun titled n which featured

@aminawithlove on my limo at Burning Man

After Burning Man, I will head to Denver for the Craft Brewers Conference & BrewExpo (THANKS to ABE Beverage Equipment and BrewAfrica for gifting a ticket!) and then continue touring the US (Austin, Texas, LA, San Francisco, Portland and more) for a while, while searching for my next business challenge, a potential site for my BEERHOUSE concept, exciting tasks with psychedelics, connecting with people in the casual / adult dating industry for a client of mine or having beers with old and new friends and acquaintances!

Why this extended trip? Due to my campaign against the organized crime in my hometown Cape Town I had to leave the city one year ago and have not been back since. What was meant as a 3-month trip to escape one of the world’s hardest lockdowns in South Africa, turned into a nomad life, which I – surprisingly – enjoy a lot, as meeting and connecting people is my purpose Find out more about me at my new PolyWork @ homepage or follow @YellowRandolf on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn,

Does that sound like we should meet? Or do you even have a bed I can swap the cushy backseats of this limo for a few days? Make contact, WhatsApp or call my US +1 ‪(415) 935-3351‬.