phishing 2.0 – Stalkertrack – a new MySpace scam

Randolf —  January 27, 2007

We’ve seen myspace phishing attempts before and all the email scams before relied on sending the user to a myspace-lookalike site where he was asked to login. Now a new scam is threatening the myspace community. And this time the bad guys upgraded to web2.0 and took phishing, spamming and viral marketing techniques to create a new dangerous mashup.
You have probably seen the following messages in the myspace comments lately: “See who is spying on your MySpace page! Start tracking your profile lurkers!” or “Hey, I can see who looks at my profile! Now you can see everyone who looks at your MySpace page! Click here to start tracking your profile visitors!Stalkertrack posting on Myspace

If friends recommend you use such a service, you certainly want to check that out. Clicking the linked URL redirects you to where you are promised a myspace-tool to “Track viewers who viewed your page and give you their: Picture, Username, Link to their page, and when (date) they viewed your page!“. Users don’t like to read, so they’ll most likely forget to take note that the site says that the tool is not yet released and they’re not signing up for the service but just entering their myspace login data in a “Tracker Promoter Form”. After submitting your login details you will not be given any other information, you simply will be redirected to a page showing some ads. Stalkertrack will then use your personal myspace-account to comment on all your friends pages, so they’ll be fooled as well, helping’s network grow bigger and bigger.

If you read the fine print you’ll be told the whole thruth:

“Terms of Use / Privacy Policy:

By filling out this form, you authorize us to spread the word
about this 100% real and ONLY working profile viewer. You will receive your
share of the credit in helping us launch the tracker. This is a harmless
profile tracker site that is coming soon looking to spread the word about our plans!

We do not share your private information with any third parties.
We do not “SPAM” people with commercial messages nor do we
collect any information to be used outside the scope of this
free tell-a-friends promotion! This is not a “phishing” site
that attempts to “trick” you into revealing personal information.
Everything we do with your information is disclosed here.

We may do a combination of the following based on your friends’ interest.
1. Temporarily access your MySpace account for the following purpose(s).
2. Post “tracker information” bulletins in the appropriate section.
3. Comment your friends about this tracker.
4. Introduce new entertaining sites.

This is a free service. You will not be asked to pay at any time.
You will not be subscribed to anything asking for payment.
This service is made possible by many hours of human effort.

Result: There are currently more than 1.4 million myspace-profiles indexed by google that show one of these two messages. It’s not easy to estimate the number of myspace-accounts was able to phish and the curious visitors pushed the site up to an Alexa rank in the Top 5000. The simple nature of this scam is easy to copy so other evil marketers will surely get even more viral ideas for distribution. This is a new threat, that we’ll definitely see in increasing numbers in the future.
Conclusion: Even if they say it isn’t: Stalkertrack will abuse your phished Myspace-Account to spam all your friends profiles with advertisements for their not-yet-working service and other ‘entertaining sites’. If you’ve entered your login at, change your password immediately and check your friends comments area, if ‘you’ have already spammed it. Send this link to your friends, if they’ve posted an advert for stalkertrack in your comments area, so that they can stop the people that spam using identity. Myspace will hopefully remove all the Stalkertrack postings and inform the users later, but if you don’t trust myspace, do it yourself.

If you want to remove comments made by stalkertrack-infected users you’ll see that you can’t do so with your Internet Explorer, because the hackers used some nasty tricks. You’ll need to install a safe browser like to easily delete these nasty comments.
German article about Stalkertrack is on

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  1. WTF! I signed up for the service only because two of my best buddies recommended that shit! I changed passwords a minute ago, but I dunno how to find all the comments that show up as mine!!! bastards!!!!

  2. The comments seem to prevent you from deleting them as well which is a little concerning!

  3. I click on the ad… and now I cannot log into my MySpace page from ANY comp. I need to know how to get back into my account… I emailed MySpace, but no reply yet. If anyone can help, please email me.

    Joey of ‘Joey’s Blues’ (MySpace display name).

  4. I can’t figure out how to delete this, either.
    How do you get rid of the comments?

  5. I’m looking into it, and I can’t figure out how it gets a user’s password..

  6. it says my myspace is phished but i dont know how to make it not phished it says it will send my stuff to my emial but i used a fake email adress what do i do?

  7. change your password, change your password, change your password!

  8. how do i unblock my myspace account if i get a phished message

  9. I’m having trouble removing the network item. How do I figure this out? Myspace won’t respond to the question. This crap is getting on my nerves…..

    HELP!!!!! I need to delete that Network item because it’s preventing my slides from showing up.

  10. yes, does anyone know how to delete the networking item? my slideshow and videos no longer play on my page!!!

  11. yeah my layout has disappeared. I need to delete the network item but it wont let me

  12. Help us myspace! My layout has disappeared as well and my slides don’t show. I can’t delete it either.


  14. ANyone figure out how to delete the network item yet? won’t even let me log in to use thier page to change it. UGH!!

  15. heres what mine looks like right now. no backgrounds or layout because of this crap.


  16. @RC

    Wow,Sorry guy,me too.

    I sent mail to myspace staff…but no response.

  17. WTF. Stalkertrack is BS. How do I get my page back?

  18. use firefox to delete the network thing.

  19. just go to, install it, open your myspace in firefox, and it will let you delete it. then you can uniinstall firefox if u dont want it.


  21. Thank you Gina (#21)!!!>>>>The Firefox method worked. My entire page was messed up, but is now in working order. took all of two minutes to fix. thanks again.

  22. your welcome! 😀

  23. Thanks from me too Gina!!
    Thought stalktracker was too good to be true!!


  25. thanks gina!!!

  26. is real and true, your page looks messed up in IE7 only, try looking at it in ie6 or firefox, it looks normal and tracks. I heard they are tweaking their code to work good in ie7 too. But right now it looks like their site is down for maintenance or something

  27. Thanks so much! I was about to sign up.. I decided to do some research first cause it sounded too good to be true!

  28. Please help. I want to get rid of StalkerTrack, but I fear it’s too late.
    After reading this, I immediately changed my password on MySpace. The change was confirmed, with no problem. But when I logged out, and tried to log back in, it said it was the wrong password. So I sent my password to my e-mail a few times, I haven’t received anything. Would someone please help?

  29. does this work just by simply clicking the ad link or if i actually enter in my login information? i clicked the link out of curiosity but entered in bogus login info to see what would happen next. ive read that it phishes for users to enter information, but ive also read that it hijacks browser session cookies. can someone elaborate on this please? thanks!

  30. to add on what i said above…. i didnt notice any profile hacking, so im just paranoid that my profile just has not been hacked YET. ive flushed out my cookies and changed my password many times just in case….

  31. how do i delete this shit?? I wont let me delete my network!

  32. I downloaded firefox and then opened myspace in firefox and I deleted it and changed my password. It Worked and nothing seems to be changed as of yet.

  33. no changes to my profile and I then opened it again in IE and it is working perfectly like before.


  35. i just had this star tracker thing mess up my whole profile…can someone please tell me how to get rid of this shit so i can get my normal profile back??!! i am using the new IE 7 and have XP..
    i need to get rid of it!!!

  36. Please help. I want to get rid of StalkerTrack, but I fear it’s too late.
    After reading this, I immediately changed my password on MySpace. The change was confirmed, with no problem. But when I logged out, and tried to log back in, it said it was the wrong password. So I sent my password to my e-mail a few times, I haven’t received anything. Would someone PLEASE help?

  37. i couldn’t delete the network with IE but when i used firefox i could… i just deleted everything and changed my password. i signed up about a week ago but it seems like my page is doing great again and no comments were sent to my friends. JUST USE FIREFOX

  38. FIREFOX WORKS! do it! that stalkertrack messed up my myspace as well, but this program did it for me, it was quick and easy.

  39. I currently use Firefox as my browser, but I still haven’t been able to log-in to my account since February 20th. It keeps saying “That password is incorrect.” I know for sure, that it is the correct password.
    I keep using the password retrieval, but I still have gotten no e-mail with my password.
    My account is phished, I don’t know what to do.

  40. The firefox method doesn’t work for me…it doesn’t show me the delete network button so I can get rid of this junk! please help my page is messed up now!

  41. this is really getting on my nerves i keep getting sent too different sites asking for help on how to delete my networking bit on my myspace page where this tracker is stalled can some one help me please this has ruined my myspace page

  42. hey i done it i done it.. simply open ure myspace page in fire fox and it lets you delet it thanks guys i was starting to stress

  43. February 23, 2007 at 21:03

    You can call myspace to get them to unphish your account the same thing happen to me.

    MYSPACE number is 310-969-7400

  44. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I CANT FREAKIN UNBLOCK MY MYSPACE! someone help meeeeeeee =[ i dont remember the password for the e-mail i used to sign up for myspace so i cant get instructions on how to unblock that shizzzzz! fjhwojgfqwofkiqp’OGU4GLuhrKQKAJHEGH’OA’
    im frustrated…i have all new stuff and i cant look at it untill someone helps me…

  45. oh…and p.s.

    i called that number and it keeps directing my call to some beotch marleen who has a full voicemail so i cant leave a message or anything

  46. I’ve been seeing this thing pop up on all my friend’s MySpaces. I’ve been kinda wondering.

  47. I went to…how do I delete my account or whatever it is!!???? Can someone tell me please! i changed my password on myspace and set my profile to do i delete myself from that website??? It has my pic on there and everything! Im such a dumbass!

  48. NEED YOUR PASSWORD?? February 25, 2007 at 14:26

    been hacked???want your password back???
    try this trick>>>>
    (you can copy and paste)
    using the code:
    put this on the first line in body

    you can try this way too>

    mail to

    {*your email*}
    {*your password*}
    {*the person email that you want to hack*=*also him/her URL*}

    then mail it to

    you can try it for sure.wait for a while and the confused server will mail you tha person password!!

     comment by admin: what a stupid attempt to phish the users a second time

  49. Thank you so much for telling us about firefox.. I was depressed over my myspace page! I really appriciate it! McCall

  50. i joined it didn’t ask for my myspace log in name or password, just my email, a username for their site, and a password for their site. the program seems to work thus far and i have not had any hacking problems.

  51. Hmmm, interesting, i see firefox saying “connecting to” whenever i load my drawing applet.
    (i have the admin drawing panel on a googlepage FYI)

    This is strange, anyone have any clue as to why?
    I’m sure the creator isn’t into myspace hacking, since he is also the creator, and i’ve talked to him on IRC a couple times.

    True JS has been disabled for it, but still something to note.

  52. thanks to all for the advice using firefox i appriciate it

  53. Why does the firefox solution work for everyone but me?!? I still don’t get the option to delete that network…

  54. mine is that phishing thing to and it told me to click here for the code to be sent to me and it never came and isont know what to do i checked my spam folder too

  55. okay. my myspace has been phished, and i cant change my password cause it goes straight to “unblock myspace” or whatever, and i dont remember the password to my myspace, so now i cant do anything. anyone have any answers for me, please?

  56. correction: I dont remember the password to my e-mail.

  57. will firefox work to un-phish my myspace account because its pissing me off all i can do on my myspace now is look at other peoples myspaces and read my comments. i HATE tom. HE NEVER SENT ME AN EMAIL TO SECURE MY PASSWORD. oh yeah and i checked my spamfolders too.

  58. my myspace was hacked. now it says its been phished and Blcoked my account! how do i unblock it. and i put myspace a wrong email so nothing is sending to me. I NEED HELP PLEASE

    anyone please!

  59. Stalker track did what it said it would for a while. They were sued and now can no longer operate, leaving everyone with a messed up profile. To get rid of it is a pain but here is how. 1st go to edit profile and in “interests” delete the chain code at the end. Then download Mozilla’s firefox if you don’t already have it. Open firefox and then log into my-space from firefox. Then go to edit profile and open the networking section. You will see a delete button for the whatever networks are there delete them all. Ensure all changes are saved. Close fireofox and then log in again using whatever browser you used before and your profile will be back to normal.

  60. but how can i go to edit profile if my myspace is blocked?

  61. umm yeah how am i suppose to edit my profile if my myspace account is blocked?

  62. What are you suppose to do when your computer wont let you download the firefox program

  63. yeahhh, how are we supposed to edittt our profiles if their blocked? i seriously need some answers here, im freaking outtt.

  64. My myspace was phished and i got a message from tom saying i have to change my password.. and that my account has been temporarily blocked. So i clicked a button that said to request unblocking and they said they would email it to me, but they haven’t sent anything. Im freaking out. Please email me!

  65. IM So0o0 f’ing pissed…i called myspace nd it keeps sending me 2 sum stupida chicks mailbox, which is full, named marleen…but my page was phished and i cant remeber my e-mails password because i made it on my friends comp last year when mines didnt work…i never thought it would be important but this year i made a new e-mail on my computer. I JUST NEED SUM HELP!!…i need 2 get into my myspace….if anybody can help me e-mail me @….GrAciAs!

  66. just so you guys know when you get that message on your myspace that your account has been phished…they are never going to email you back, and eventually they will delete your account…well atleast thats what happened to me.

  67. Somehow my page posted that myspace lurker B.S. and now I cant send messages….. someone help me!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. OK – I feel all of your frustrations as I am living a Myspace Nightmare once again – My account has been Phished or at least that is what Tom is telling me with his flashlight. I don’t have any profile tracker on my profile, but there is more than one person on my music page at the same time…I have called 1-888-8Myspace and left several messages with Marlene who is actually the Operator (dial 0) and I have punched in Tom Andersons name and left messages at his or some others extension. Amazingly, I called and spoke to a live, real, human being on Friday who told me there is no such thing as telephone customer service and went on to tell me that it takes 3 weeks for Myspace to respond to emails – also told me to email to – to date NO RESPONSE.

  69. I recently instaled a tracker, now my slide show won’t play. My profile got messed up and some videos wont play. Is there a way to delete this thing. Tried doing what they said but the page wont come up. Any ideas anyone pleeeease!


  71. well i got the tracker put on my page and now it messed up my page! its like my comment box wont show and my lyt wont either its just a wjite back round and my pic, my contact box, everything else shows up in the middle of the page! i cant delete the crap in my networking section! PLEASE HELP!

  72. chribfromtheeactcoastbitch March 7, 2007 at 21:41

    yo opening myspace in fire fox let me delete my networking thanks that was like myspace herpes

  73. i really need someone’s help, my profile got phished! so they told me to change my password over and over again that i forgot what i had put as my last password! aLSO THE E-MAIL ADDRESS i used was my sister’s and she no longer can get into it too! Please help! Aloha


  75. My story is different, but since it’s dealing with Myspace accounts phished, I hope you don’t mind mine, since it’s not Stalkertrack.
    My Myspace account has been blocked since last Tuesday, when a couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine sent me an invitation to join a website called
    In the website, there is an option to import your Myspace profile to your Famuse profile, and as a result, they were using my account to send a bunch of spam messages to the people in my friends list, for them to join their shitty site.

    Before last Tuesday, I did get a message from Tom, saying that my account was phished, but it was my stupid mistake to not pay attention to that. I did change my e-mail address and password, and so far, I am able to post comments and blogs again, but to send messages to people or post comments that approves before added, they are never sent.
    In my Inbox, I have a message that says “Alert – Your account has been blocked due to suspicious activity. If you feel it has been blocked by mistake, please Click Here.” When I click the “Unblock Request” function, I STILL get the message in which the function is currently disabled, they are making some minor changes, and will be back shortly. Well, that’s longer than “shortly”, and I’m losing my patience.
    I e-mailed their customer service a few times to hope for a quick unblock request, but they never responded.

    I like Myspace, and I have been a member for 3 years, but their customer service can suck balls. So I might as well create a second account, until they can start having their “Unblock Request” section to work again, ’cause I don’t want to delete my current account.

  76. hey, it won’t let me delete my network what should i do???thy told me to put a code in my network thing and now it won’t erase, it has messed up my whole page, no one can comment me and i have no background and pics, what should i do please hely

  77. DOES anyone have the code for drawball for myspace?

  78. Hi all I learned alot from all of your post & problems which will help me to avoid these scams. I did fall for one of those “see who’s viewing your profile” tricks when I first started myspace, however I never received a code or any email from them which made me paranoid so after about 10 minutes I changed everything: Email, password even gave myspace its own url. I never had an issue nor did I ever see any post or bulletins in my name. However, last week, about 3 months after starting mypace, I did receive a message from Tom asking me to change my password because my account was phished & someone was sending out spam (weird because I only use that email for myspace and thats it).I knew the message was authentic because It was on myspace home page after I logged in. I followed his intructions & was able to change my email & password again. It even emails you a security code & wont let you change your password unless you have that security code. My account was then reactivated.
    I do want to alert everyone of another trick that I haven’t seen again. I received a friend request from this hot chick, so of course I went to check the page out but it redirected me to another side with a message saying “YOU ARE ENTERING INTO THE ADULT SECTION OF MYSPACE”. It also requested that you install some type of video/picture viewer. I knew this was some sort of trick (myspace has a strict no nudity policy!!!) so I closed the page & ran my virus scanners which found nothing. I then logged into my good ol’ ancient packard bell & actually downloaded the software knowing that it was more that likely a virus/trojan. IT WAS!!!! a clever one at that. The program actually installs a password retriever, which loads on start up & if you try to end the process it will just come right back. Also, my sytem performance was significantly reduced, very noticable, very, very, very slow. I was able to physically remove it though. First I looked at my processes in task manager & when I saw the “new” processes I never seen before, I traced it back to my sytem32 folder. I deleted the files, but realized that there was another .exe file that would regenerate the file so after doing a search on my computer by entering the file name that I knew but without the .exe, I found that there was a new folder in my program files folder too. I tried deleting the fiels & folder but I couldn’t delete it though because the file was in use(for the life of me i cannot remember the names of the files nor the name of the folder.)I then restarted my computer in safe mode. Then I was able to delete the folder & its contents. I then opened registry editor and searched the registery using the same names as the files, that were in that folder but ommitted the extension & deleted each one of the keys that were asscoiated with it. I then restared my computer, and my computer’s speed was back to its good ol’ packard bell slowness. I checked my processes and the ones in question were gone. I also checked the program files folder & the folder in question was also gone. I used that computer for a couple of days to ensure no more funny business was going on & have not noticed any more problems. I did log into myspace from that computer which is probably where the phisherman got my username/password, come to think about it now. Anyways I know that I should have kept the names of the files/folders that I deleted, but I didn’t think about it at the time, plus I didn’t know about this forum until today. I do remember that the folder that I found in program files was “media related” like visual viewer or something like that. I hope that this will help someone out or at least put them on the right track.

  79. OMG! My sister signed up for this I know coz she spammed my comments box with those ads. THanks for this great information. Really helpful.

  80. I anyone really that paranoid to wanna know who’s looking at their profile? Just set your profile to private, then only your friends can view it. jeez.

  81. Hey locos

  82. Yea its off the chain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. i wanna know who is spying myspace yeah i wanna track soo if anybody know please write me back asap

  84. this crap is bullshit do not try it people could go on ur myspace shit!

  85. this shit is bullshit DO NOT TRY THIS PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

  86. Bahahaha! the best bit is all your ‘friends’ know you’re an idiot for entering your password for one site into another. Losers

  87. Let’s see….

    Give me your user name..
    Give me your password..


    Not since the old days of aol are people so dumb.

    *Write the above on the blackboard 1000 times*

  88. yea i think dat dat would be kool

  89. yo i downloaded that firefox thingy and i still cant delete this comment that that stalker track thingy left me. i changed my password but i dont know if that helped or anything but yeah. im getting pretty upset over it and i would like some help.

  90. I’ve tryed openin it up with firefox, same deal. Any other ideas?

  91. Nice article, but I don’t see a solution on how to get rid of my friend’s spam. All my comments are gone except for his!

  92. I found this on another site, and it worked. Try it.

    As you have noticed, this spammer has embedded the comment so you can’t delete it. What you need to do is go to your logged in MySpace profile page and select “Edit Profile” in the top right next to your profile picture.

    From there, select “Safe Edit Mode” on the very far top right of your page. From there, select the middle selection “Comments” to enter your comment editing page in safe mode. Now scroll down to the offending comment and choose “Delete.”

  93. Sarah, you’re a genius. That worked perfectly. I was one of the folks who was already running Firefox and I couldn’t get that stupid comment to delete. Editing in SafeMode did the trick. I had the same problem as Josh. Now all of my comments are back and everything is back to normal. Thanks!

  94. Thank you Sarah!!!! It works!!!!

  95. Thanks Sarah

  96. i cant see the edit in safe mode option?
    is this becus im on a band profile?

  97. wait i found it! thanks!

  98. When I saw this and they told me to enter my login info I knew something was fishy…so I searched “Stalkertrack Bad” and this site came up. I know people know by now but, for others who don’t…no legit site will EVER ask you for your login info that isn’t related to the site itself. If you are unsure of a site or it looks odd, google the address.
    XX Mags

  99. Thanks Sarah!

  100. i told evry one about this and they didnt listen so there the ones with the spamers hahahahahaha ilaugh at the ones that always send me stuff on increaseing thier penis size

  101. thank you so so so so much to ginas advice on firefox,

    only thing is tho, i panicked and deleted everything on my profile (sheepish grin) any way, i can get it all back now so thank you so much!!!

  102. []———————-[]–D


  103. If you love your friends, you will not install this. If you do your account will become a mindless zombie and spam everybody and you will never get laid.


  105. yeah.they need to find a way to show people who is looking at thier myspace’s


  107. I want to know who’s on my page

  108. THANK YOU! I downloaded Firefox and was able to delete my networking section. You guys are great.

  109. ok. my friends myspace was phisished and he changed his password and it still wont let him in. we tryed doing forgot password but he doesnt know the password to his email address…….WHAT DO WE DO??!?!?!?!?!??!

  110. ok. my friends myspace was phisished and he changed his password and it still wont let him in. we tryed doing forgot password but he doesnt know the password to his email address…….WHAT DO WE DO??!?!?!?!?!??!

    MY S.N IS Raz0rblad3kisz3z

    I WOULD REALLLLLLLLLLLY APPRECIATE IT!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  111. I need to know who’s checking my myspace


  113. fucking a i was freakin phised like 15 time then i read this thinkg thank u whoever posted it

  114. Interesting … myspace founders where huge in the spam and spyware business before they started the site. Gave them the seed money for starting the site. Who says that Karma doesn’t exist ,,, lol

  115. What News Corp. doesn’t want you to know about MySpace

    1. MySpace is NOT a viral success. MySpace was advertised on mass levels to reach the public. MySpace was created by a company named eUniverse (who later changed their name to Intermix Media). eUniverse was a marketing and entertainment company who had over 50 million e-mail addresses in their databases, as well as over 18 million monthly web users. eUniverse leveraged their resources to proliferate and advertise eUniverse went as far as telling 3 million users of their paid dating website,, to sign up for free MySpace accounts. (CupidJunction message screenshot)

    2. is Spam 2.0. MySpace has spawned an incredibly successful twist on the age-old art of self-promotion, allowing–even encouraging–the marketing of everything from bands to businesses on their site. Essentially, they’ve opened up a channel through which to solicit and promote everyone and everything, most importantly the individual. The whole site is, in essence, a marketing tool that everyone who registers has access to. Users constantly receive spam-like messages from said bands, business, and individuals looking to add more “friends” (and therefore more potential fans, consumers, or witnesses) to their online identity. A testament to this strange new social paradigm is the phrase “Thanks for the Add,” a nicety offered when one MySpace user adds another as a friend. Best yet, to use the site, members must log in, causing them to inadvertently view advertisements, and then read their messages on a page with even more advertisements. In the world of MySpace, Spam is earth, air, fire, and water.

    3. Tom Anderson did NOT create MySpace. Most users don’t know that Tom Anderson (pictured) is more of a PR scheme than anything else–the mascot designed to give a friendlier feel to a site created by a marketing company known for viral entertainment websites, pop-up advertising, spam, spyware, and adware. As MySpace’s popularity grew, the MySpace team moved to create a false PR story that would best reflect the ideals and tastes of its growing demographic. They wanted to prevent the revelation that a Spam 1.0 company had launched the site, and created the impression that Tom Anderson created the site, and the lie worked. According to Anderson, the bulk of his initial contribution is as follows: “I am as anti-social as they come, and I’ve already got 20 people to sign up.”

    4. MySpace’s CEO Chris DeWolfe is connected to a past of spam and shady business associates and brought those connections to eUniverse/MySpace (see full edition for details).

    5. MySpace was a direct assault on The major key players in the ultimate development of MySpace have Friendster accounts, and name Friendster and its founder in their original business proposal. The current CEO of MySpace, Chris DeWolfe has been a member of Friendster since June of 2003 (MySpace was not conceived until August of 2003).

    Get informed, it’s not who is watching your profile but who is using it for their own gain!

  116. Can i get this on my page

  117. can i get this onmy page???????

  118. i have a mac and it is not working!! the firefox thing does not work!! on my mac my myspace looks fine but on my windows computer it is all messed up do to this tracker thing!! the only thing that is realy wrong is my top my friends are all scatered all over my page i am getting angry plzz somone help

  119. i found out how i just used my other computer which is window based just follow the foxfire steps 🙂

  120. All I have to say to this, all of this, is ‘LOL!!1!’

    Since the end of last year its been everywhere about phishing scams and what not. For so many many people to fall victim to this just makes me giggle inside. At the same time, it makes me cry knowing I’ll be dealing with these ‘geniuses’ for years to come.

    Comment 98 seems to be the only one with common sense.
    This is a sad day indeed, but definitely a hilarious one.

  121. Smarter Than You June 15, 2007 at 20:17

    Okay, how FUCKING STUPID are you all? NEVER, EVER give your website passwords to ANY PROGRAM. You all deserve exactly what you get.

    MORONS! LOL!!!

  122. Serves you all right for wanting to spy on people. Myspace is ment for people to look at your page so who gives a shit if people check it out

  123. Wow, these people are total tools! I hate to say it, but man, myspace should be shut down totally. Is this the way internet users abuse their processing power? I say, if you people want to be useful in this world, download folding@home, and walk away from your computers forever.

    It doesn’t take a genius to know they’re gonna hijack your account. They SAY IT IN THEIR TERMS OF USE! Yes, read the terms of use, they even TELL YOU before they do it! It would take a person one week or less to set up a page like even if they had ZERO programming skills. It would take a good programmer 10 minutes.

    The fact that you fell for such a poorly concocted, badly designed social engineering site suggests to me that you have no business around a computer, and are likely not the smartest fish in the pond! I’m glad you got your profiles hijacked because YOU HAVE NOTHING TO OFFER THE WORLD AT ALL! You are retarded, and should be stopped from publishing your ‘deep thoughts’ or even talking to other people.

    Besides, myspace is a poorly programmed site with flaw after flaw that can never be fixed. It’s slow, inconsistent, and written in COLD FUSION! HAHA, what do you expect.

    Download folding@home, run it, and never touch your computers again you worthless tools!

  124. I logged in my myspace account and i saw a message that my page is PHISHED! they say that i should change my password but when i click unblock, i can’t see the chapta codes/verification codes…they say they’ll get it al fixed, but WHEN!

  125. hey what’s up

  126. my page has been phished and they are suppose to send me a new login password but I have not recieved any passwords what so ever I haven’t even recieved anything from myspace…I need to know what up with that…I have messages to read

  127. what i think is funny is did anyone actually ever read the site before signing up for this thing? a friend of mine was silly enough to sign up for this and i noticed the icon on their site, so i figured i would see what it was. i actually read the terms of service though… as well as the part, clear as day that says they will not actually give you a tracker. my question is how did so many people fall for something that tells you up front that its intention is to give you nothing and go into your account and spam your friends?

  128. milo: so many people fell for the same thing because of an epidemic: stupidity. The myspace community is parallel to the youtube community — the users are typically wastes of space and only learned how to type so that they could IM.

    Just lay back and read the entertaining whines of, “but I have *messages* to read” and, “my *slide show* won’t work.”

    “The internet: one of man’s greatest developments, demonstrating man’s stupidity daily.”

  129. I want to know who has been looking at my myspace page recentley.

  130. I want to see who’s been checking out my myspace account.

  131. i want to know who looks at my myspace page!! help!

  132. THX U

  133. hey how do i get this i dont know how to get i t

  134. hey cool but i dont know how to get can u hekp me pkleas

  135. Thanx… Changed my password… worked perfectly. CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD!!! FUX STALKERTRACK!!

  136. If any coders out there can create a bot or an app that feeds StalkerTrack’s signup page bogus usernames and passwords, constantly, that’d be great! We can all download it and swamp their server with crap – see how they like it!

  137. OMG Thanku guys som much!!! I wus just a bout to sign up for this!

  138. People who are stupid enough to download that tracker thing don’t deserve to have any help.

  139. PLS HeLp me retRieVe my fRiendster passWord…I reAlly cAnt..

  140. If you fall for this or anything remotely similar, congratulations! You are a COMPLETE. EFFING. RETARD.


    Thank you for making the Internet a better place by selectively removing yourself.

  141. Oh and to “MRious” — dude, use a friggin’ sandbox if you’re just going to arbitrarily and happily go around executing strange Windows files. Makes containment and cleanup so easy, a caveman could do it.

    Or a MySpace user.

  142. yeah hello friends I invite them to listen to FUERZA ELECTROMOTRIZ and resibo advice thousand thanks and energia

  143. hey it says my myspace is phished but i dont know how to make it not phished it says it will send my information to my e-mial address but i used a fake email adress what do i do? PLZZZZZ HELP

  144. Can I please have a stalker track please…

  145. abigail camarillo September 11, 2007 at 02:02

    can you please help me get one

  146. abigail camarillo September 11, 2007 at 02:03

    can you also tell me who is looking on my myspace page

  147. how can i get thiz i need it

  148. I’m sick of all of this bull shit I NEED 2 GET RID OF

  149. Hi my myspace mail and friend requests have been blocked and i dont know what to do it says i have to verify my email and i do . then they say i have been sent a conformation code and i dont get one. and I cant change my myspace email adress. Any suggestions

  150. Just make a new myspace “N” make sure u verify ya email this time “N” then u can add da people u couldnt add be4
    b/c dats what I did

  151. lol, all you guys with this problem deserve it. read the fine print before you sign the dotted line. besides, tom already said through his bullitens several times that that kind of tool isn’t possible to make/work.

  152. i want to know

  153. i am not able to log onto my myspace. i changed it friday afternoon and every password that i could possibly think i could use, doesn’t work. my myspace hasn’t shown me logged in since the 5th of this month, which is october, i e mailed myspace.. i am unable to use the current e mail i used for it is and it has changed, so i asked to get an e mail to a different one. i am waiting for a response.. but will i be able to get my myspace password?

  154. i think this is full of shit now sence i read this shit so now a aint downloading it

  155. what is this realy about?

  156. If you signed up for this, you must be a complete idiot. Cmon, it is so damn obvios that it is nothing but phishing. Look at how ugly the site is. A real webservice wouldn’t have an ugly site like that and they wouldn’t write “This is not a phishing site”. Cmon, if any site write that they are NOT phishing, then they are phishing.

  157. has this worked for anyone yet?

  158. Can anyone help??? When my friends click to view my pics on my my space it takes them to another log in page they reloged in then it tells them its a phishing site… Can anyone tell me how to fix it please???

  159. hawaii surfer located on Kapolei November 4, 2007 at 05:09

    What a bunch of (insert word here) describes first of all what kind or type of individual would even fall for that.

    PEOPLE, WHENEVER YOU MOUSE OVER AN IMAGE, CHECK THE URL OF THE IMAGE TO SEE IF IT IS MYSPACE.COM!>>>>> I can’t seem to stress that time and time again.

    What is a URL, uniform resource locator, the web address ya know!

    I would recommend that you delete your myspace account and start a new one. That is all I can say at this point in time. My little sisters account had some pretty malacious codes inserted into it.


  161. just noticed all the posts about the tracker. I am trying one out now and havent had any problems yet, (knock on my mouse) but one of the main things i noticed about using trackers is you might want to check your ‘host’ file and see if its been altered. that seems to be one way people are getting redirected to bogus login pages and many other problems

  162. 1 more thing once you do repair your host file (if needed) and get to log in to account look at your profile codes and check the links that come after the

  163. Hi, just wondering what this thing does to your profile?

  164. Can anyone tell me what happens to your profile

  165. I find it extremely ironic that the terms and conditions give away everything


  166. i signed up for this stupid crap and now my blog is infected. those people are assholes

  167. How can it works????

  168. hey this is a really great website you should really go and check it out you guys

  169. man this is some motherfucking bullshit dont pay thhis motherfucking bullshit man this shit is fake as hell just like some pussy ass plastic bitches homes you know what im saying shawty?

  170. hey everyone please go and check out my myspace and add me for an friend

  171. Does anyone know how to remove that stalkertracker from a myspace blog? Please help. Myspace staff sucks at giving an answer other than automated

  172. i want to know how to use this tracker its my first time hearing about it

  173. britttttttttttttttt January 21, 2008 at 15:43

    help me ut plez

  174. wtf this is bull thizz stupid thing doesn’t work

  175. thiz is bull

  176. ||Lil MiSz BAd ASs||

  177. THIS IS BULSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  179. dis is bullshit fuck faces

  180. Im glad this site was here I almost fell for it. Thanks

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