ONAKO – enabling the future

This is an extraordinary business plan and call for support and funding. Phiwe is driven and has the desire to change her environment in the town ships. My mother (who’s been training teachers and teached special-needs children for the last 35 years) met Phiwe and will coach and support her venture and I’m also trying to help a bit. I did register www.onako.co.za and redirect it to this blogpost until someone helps builds ONAKO a proper website. Please contact Phiwe directly to offer your help or donate now!

Now let’s listen to Phiwe in her own strong words:

Phiwe Sobekwa

I am Phiwe Sobekwa, born on the 22/06/79 in the Eastern Cape.

I did my primary school in the Eastern Cape, then moved to Cape Town to live with my mom. I then attended Immacula Secondary School where I later matriculated and went to Cape College where I attained my Diploma as an Educarer, since then I have been working with children for the past 10 years.

My mom played a significant role in my life as my father since my father left my mom when I was born, and till this day I have never seen him nor heard from him.

My mom had to raise me and my 2 siblings, 3 kids in total, all alone. We lived in a shack ‘Squatter camp’  with no electricity however through the hardships, my mom was able to work hard to put food on the table and also take us to school.

Township lifeIt breaks my heart to see kids that suffer so much, these kids suffer malnutrition, while their parents  spend social benefits that belong to the kids on drugs and alcohol, these kids are being abused verbally, socially & physically hence I want to start this organisation, to hand in a helping hand, because I too come from the same background.

I want to give them a chance I never got, show them they too can be the leaders of tomorrow, no kid deserves to live like a prisoner or an animal which brings me to my next point:

I would like to start up my own project called ONAKO which means ‘Do what you possibly can’.

I chose this name in memory of my late niece who was diagnosed  with brain tumor at the age of 3 years in which the doctors advised us that there was nothing they could do to help her.

The ONAKO development project’s main objective is to help disadvantaged kids with their homework.

Township in Cape TownThe majority of their parents never went to school.
They can’t afford to pay for extra classes.
Children fear to communicate with their teachers.

Teachers can’t give the kids attention as they have too many kids in one class. i.e. a primary school down the road has more than 60 kids in one classroom.

Parents are too drunk and don’t care about the child’s progress at school nor at home hence 75% of the youth fall to teenage pregnancy.

We will give pregnant teenagers a chance to finish school or prep them for when they go back to school.

With that much said, I would like to say thank you for this opportunity of sharing my life story with you, and hope that you will take all these points into consideration.

Vielen Dank (German)
Enkosi (Xhosa)

Phiwe Sobekwa







Number of       Beneficiaries

Time Table

Subject content to be covered

Resources Needed


1. Home works


Grade 5,6 & 7

(Remedial Classes)

Monday – Friday

14h30 – 16h00

– Mathematics

– Science

– English

– German language (Introduction)

– Other curriculum subjects



– Volunteers (2)

– Catering (for Learners)

R5000 (once off)

R7000 (Once off)

R150 per hour

R25 per child per day

2. Sport and Recreation


Grade 5,6 &7

(Remedial classes)

Monday – Wednesday

16h00 – 17h00

– Deferent sporting codes

– Indoor and outdoor

– Sport equipment (kit)

– Sport bibs

– Volunteer (2)

– Catering (for Learners)

R10 000


R150 per hour

R25 per child per day

3.       Life Skills


Grade 5,6 & 7

(Remedial Classes)


16h00 – 17h00

– Youth to Youth Child Justice Act

– Anger Management

– Parental Skills Training (for parents of the learners who are attending the after-school care programme)

– Conflict Management/ Conflict Resolution

– Sex, Gender, HIV/Aids

– Diversity Management

– Public speaking

– Career Guidance 

-Volunteers (2)

-Catering (for Learners)

R150 per hour

R25 per child per day

4.       Arts and Culture


Grade 5,6 & 7

(Remedial Classes)


16h00 – 17h00

– Drama (speech and drama), Theory and Practical

– Dance (Traditional and contemporary dance), Theory and Practical

– Music (African and Western Art Music), Theory and Practical

– Fine Arts (Visual and Fine Arts), Theory and Practical

-Volunteers (4)

– Costumes

– Instruments (Recorders)

– Art paints, paper and brushes

-Catering (for Learners)

R150 per hour


R100 per recorder x 30 Learners

R1500 (once off)

R25 per child per day 

Management Team

Name and Surname




Ms Phiwe Sobekwa

Managing Director



Mr Mzwethu Tesana

Financial Manager



Mr Dumisani Ncapayi

Mr Thetha Sithole

Ms Nontuthuzelo Mthwana


Programme Managers


Programs Strategists


R0,000 (Volunteers)

Total amount requested (per month) ………………………………….. R70,000 

Total amount requested (per annum)……………………………………R840,000

Please contact Phiwe directly to offer your help.

If you want to donate from Germany you can even get a donation receipt: Überweisung mit der Zweckangabe „ONAKO“ an: GLS Zukunftsstiftung Entwicklung, Konto Nr. 123 300 10 bei GLS Bank Bochum, BLZ 430 609 67

Township kids playing soccer

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