Registerfly: at least Kevin Medina lived a life…

Randolf —  February 21, 2007

As we’re Registerfly customers ourself and we’re not able to get our Domains out of their account I wanted to share a quick find for a quick laugh on the current Registerfly-case: In some published court documents you find this gem:

Defendant [Kevin Medina] has wasted UNI’s assets by, among others: (a) wiring $9,000 in UNI funds on three seperate occasions to pay for the company of Defendant’s personal escort, (b) using UNI funds to pay the $10,000 monthly rent on Defendant’s personal penthouse residence in Miami Beach, FLorida; (c) spending tens of thousands of dollars from UNI’s accounts to pay for Defendant’s personal credit card bills; (d) spending approximately $6,000 of UNI’ money for liposuction; and (e) unaccountably withdrawing tens of thousands of dollars in cash from UNI’s accounts for Defendant’s personal spending.

Hey – how simply can’t run a business properly, if you spend all your time spending money! 😉
If you haven’t got the whole story: Read this at the excellent customer-blog Registerflies or here. BTW: Registerfly isn’t that big as they appear – 63% of their domains are actually .info domains that were given away heavily discounted or even for free.
The real reason for all the chaos and the court actions seems to be a non-working 50/50 partnership between John Naruszewicz and Kevin Medina. Now John is trying to squeeze Kevin out of their company by publishing all this dirt – the whole document is a real how-to-NOT business documentary…

8 responses to Registerfly: at least Kevin Medina lived a life…

  1. I’ve been able to bulk transfer a number of my RF domains to my account. I think whether or not the auth codes are working at RF depends on the fates. Some can’t transfer, but some can. I transferred 15.

  2. Thank fuk I never used them. The dodgepots! Feel sorry for people who might have lost a good domain ‘coz of this mess. The Medina bloke sounds like a complete tosser and a candidate for shooting if you ask me. Which you didn’t. But I told you anyway!
    Best of luck to all affected – hope you don’t lose.
    Cliff in Portsmouth, UK.

  3. This will be the Exxon of the internet. I used them and have been trying to transfer out over the last 4 months. Now I’m on a deadline and have to hustle. In the meantime their broken nameserver interface hijacked a few of my client’s websites!
    At least he lived the life?… That fuck caused me more money and grief and I cant wait to perform my own liposuction out of him – A POUND OF FLESH

  4. John and Kevin are both homosexuals. They engage in gay sexual behaviors and use drugs. They do NOT know how to run a company because they are too busy partying, using drugs, and a bunch of other mischievious activities. Very shady people who also treat their employees like dirt, not giving them paychecks, firing people on a daily basis for no reason. Karma’s a bitch!!!

  5. Check for latest update in the RegisterFly scandal

  6. i whant a staker tracker

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