Cape Town Entrepreneur Stephan Ekbergh sells Travelstart Europe!

Randolf —  January 20, 2010

Great news for Stephan Ekbergh and for South African entrepreneurs hoping to make it big! My Friend Pip just found this story: eTRAVELi acquires the european arm of their competitor Travelstart – this adds just another success story to serial entrepreneur Stephan Ekberghs biography. While Travelstart had sales of approximately ZAR 1.5 billion in Europe during 2009 eTRAVELi and Travelstart together are now expected to sell 5 billion (Rand and Swedish kronor are nearly on par) worth of travel in 2010. The sales price is not disclosed, but Stephan blogs about his motivation to sell the european operation on his personal blog and that he wants to completely concentrate on the emerging markets and he realised that he had to let go of the european arm of his ‘baby’.

Reportedly brokering 50,000 flight bookings a month on the South African Travelstart platform alone, Travelstart is a travel giant on the tiny e-commerce market of South Africa and I do seriously hope that this is not the last positive news we hear from this travel powerhouse, operating from Cape Town.

Update: after receiving confirmation and further details from Stephan via this comment, I rewrote the posting and clarified the separation between Travelstart Europe and Travelstart South Africa. Official confirmation can be found on the Travelstart blog where they confirm: “The deal means that will own the rights to the global Travelstart brand, and that eTraveli takes over the European brand management and all its operations there.”

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  1. Hi Randolph

    Thanks for the post.
    Just to clear some basic facts:
    The Deal covers our european business and our brand in Europe.
    We will still continue to do business outside of EU with our new global HQ in Cape Town.
    Our main efforts will be directed towards continental Africa for a while as well as launching a global kick ass mobile app.
    Our ZA business is doing very well and we expect to break the 1 billion zar mark in 2011.

    Come by and see us at 56 Shortmarket.

    I have written some personal reflections on the sale on my blog:

  2. Stephan, it took me some time, but today I updated the article to better report the details – thanks for clarification and see you on Shortmarket soon 🙂

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