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Running naked into 2019

admin —  January 1, 2019

I happened to be gifted the opportunity to a spontaneous trip to Zanzibar on September 1st and a swim in the shallow water turned into a walk, which turned into a long run on the now empty beach, where I realized, that I could just as well continue running naked. During this 3 hour walk-swim-run I found the time to really think about my situation and I resolved to immediately make bigger, bolder and faster decisions in my life, when I feel they’re right.
Randolf runs naked on the beach

On the business side I realized, that I need to break a pattern I’ve shown in all previous ventures and took charge of my own business and parted ways with a friend and partner #atBEERHOUSE. In 2019 we’ll see more than just Beerhouse Tygervalley to open, our first equity crowdfunding campaign to launch, but also a new color to become part of the yellow family. On the yellow side I’m excited, that I’ll re-start my now 20-year-old baby gulli which I bought back a few months ago with a new yellow identity as a privacy-enabling community subscription internet service, redefining the VPN market.

While these changes in business were already big, they were dwarfed by finding my life-partner and getting engaged to her 7 weeks after our first date. Ashanti Kunene and me might seem like unlikely partners on the surface, but I had the certainty, that she is my (Zulu) queen within minutes of first meeting her. She is a published writer, self-confessed Radical Black Feminist and was part of the #FeesMustFall student leadership at Stellenbosch University, where she’s currently doing her Masters dissertation. Every day I get more excited to realize, that there can’t possibly be a better match out there and my life until now was just meant to prepare me to finally meet and spend the rest of my life to conquer the world together with her…

So to say I’m excited about the new year after a year of change is an understatement. I AM EXCITED FOR 2019 and will share more naked truths and insights into my yellow life than ever!

We started selling the iPhones in our exactly one year ago and we quickly became the leading store on the german internet. Now it’s time to go offline and become the first iPhone store worldwide to sell them in a brick-and-mortar Store in Bochum, Germany in the middle of the industrial Ruhr Area (Ruhrgebiet). We hope to continue the success story we started online and become the store for all iPhone lovers in Germany.

3gstore-coming-soon-day3gstore iphone shop bochum

I write this in my english blog rather than my german one first, because Theappleblog did scoop the story today and wrote:

On offer will be 3G and 3GS iPhones, contract free and officially sim-unlocked. Customers who buy these devices can then sign up for a service plan with the provider of their choice — either O2, Vodafone, or ePlus, in addition to T-Mobile.For us here in North America, it sounds like some fantastic dream… imagine the freedom, the sheer public nature of it all. Right there in the open, no jailbreak, no shady independent electronics retailer offering unlocking services on Craigslist.

This is exactly what 3Gstore brought to the german online world and is now bringing to a store next to you. We are certain that this is going to change the mobile industry in Germany that is currently bound to exclusivity contracts effectively stopping fair competition. iPhone who were forced to sign up with T-Mobile whatever their home network was are now able to choose the network of their choice, thanks to 3Gstore.

Weather in Cape TownIt’s along time since we last updated anything on but today I’m happy to add the most-requested feature:

Weather widgets are here! You can finally add a button to your homepage with the weather forecast for tomorrow. This means that your visitors don’t need to visit anymore to see but stay on your site. You can add this image to any site you wish and we offer you three different versions (Image, PHP and Javascript). While we strive to add customization (color, size and style) in the future, we settled for one default style for now that is very simple and does not add any logo or advertisement to the weather information. The image on the left is actually just the life forecast that you can add to your homepage or blog right now!

That is not everything yet – you can also add data to your iGoogle homepage. Just click on this button and you’ll be taken to your Google homepage where you can customize your weather feed: Add to Google