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Dear Restaurant Association of South Africa (RASA),

As much as I was happy seeing my Beerhouse win your Top100 Rosetta Award of Service Excellence in 2016 and I appreciated your telephone call today, that we will be listed as one of 100 SA’s Award Winning Restaurants 2017 in your ‘reputable guidebook’, we need to talk about something:

RASA SMS restaurant association of south africa

I do not appreciate receiving this image via text/MMS message earlier today and I wonder, if I’m alone or if there are other restauranteurs, who received something similar? I do not ever book any print advertising and know, that no one in my company does. Imagine, if I had just forwarded this order confirmation to our finance department for payment and this payment reminder was sent to dozen or maybe even hundreds of restauranteurs, that you got in your database?

“Thank you for your A5 booking in SA’s Award Winning Restaurants 2017 the book is in print payment needs to please be made by Friday R3500 inc Vat to FNB FOURWAYS 251655 RMS ACC NO xxx many thanks Wendy & Aysha”

After I posted this message on my Facebook and tagged the RASA and their frontwomen in it, it didn’t take her 5 minutes to call me and threaten with legal consequences, if I didn’t immediately delete the picture. What followed was a conversation with RASA’s legal counsel who could also only threaten to sue for damages due to reputational damages. This surprises me, as I’m only showing the communication you are sending out and explain the context. It seems, that I hit a nerve somewhere?

So my question stands: did anyone else receive similar order confirmations with demand for payment from RASA / Restaurant Association of South Africa without placing an order? Feel free to comment below or send me a confidential message

SPAM / Scam mails are just getting more personal. This mail wasn’t catched by my spam-filter and cought my attention, because it’s the first spam mail that mentions my correct first and last name.

To: (email address only used for whois)
Subject: Confidential letter to Randolf Jorberg
Hi Randolf Jorberg

RE: BENTLEY28722662/726-099Randolf Jorberg

I am delighted to announce to you an award from Bentley organization.

Via a computer ballot system conducted by Bentley as part of their Easter promotions for the year 2007, your name and email address came up in a random draw for a cash award of $300,000 (Three hundred thousand United States Dollars only).

Your award winning number is: BENTLEY28722662, ticket number 726-099. You are strongly adviced to keep your winning confidential. Hense contact your claims executive immediately to begin processing your cash award winning.

Mr. Robert West


Please email the following details to Mr. Robert West your claims executive:

Your full name ,Your telephone number including area code, your cellular phone number (most importantly including area code)

Your fax number including area code

Your recent email address and mailing address (for delivery of your certified check)

Your reference number: BENTLEY28722662/726-099Randolf Jorberg

Your claims executive shall provide you detailed information about the promotions and also advice you on how to receive your cash award. Your certified check has been issued and currently with your claims agent hence contact him for further information.


Congratulations on your success in this years Bently promotions award


Regional cordinator

Data (including my full name) is obviously taken from domain whois data and I wonder what this spam mails purpose might be: simple data (lead) generation or is there going to be a follow up answer with some kind of phishing attempt? Anyone got the same mails?