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You know that a company loses touch with reality, when it sues companies selling its own products.

Apple iPhone is a german online store selling the iPhone 3G without the usual Simlock or T-Mobile contract. They can do so legally, as they import the iPhones from other EU countries where the unlocked iPhones are sold to the public for prepaid customers. Therefore it’s only obvious that they use Apple’s official promotional pictures to sell the popular Apple gadget. Without any warning Apple sent a Cease and Desist letter, disallowing any future use of Apple product images and a 1780 Euro (2271 US$) bill attached for legal cost. Asked by german mac magazine if other sites using their image material can expect similar costly C&D ‘treatment’, Apple Inc. only referred to their Image Use Agreement that disallows all image editing and usage in any commercial context, such as competitions or other non-editorial appearances.

To free itself and other blogs or websites from the risk of receiving such a hefty bill by Apple Inc., paid Photographer Lukas Palik to create professional looking iPhone 3G photos that are now also being licensed under the very liberal Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License, allowing editing and commercial usage. These Photos can be downloaded in the original Resolution from the Blog and on Flickr.