Angel Investors Group in South Africa presentation

Randolf —  April 5, 2011

Update from 2014: Since writing these blogposts on angel investments in South Africa in 2008 and 2011 I became an advisor and Angel Investor at Startup-Incubator Springlab. Please pitch your startup to Springlab, if you’re looking for hands on investors and advice!

Original post from 2011: I first wrote about Angel Investments in South Africa back in 2008 and I’m happy to see that there’s now a local movement starting, that’s based in Cape Town.

Craig Mullett from Branison Group LLCThrough Alex Fraser and Roger Norton from the awesome Silicon Cape initiative I received an invitation to an Angel Groups seminar by Craig Mullett from the Branison Group at the UCT Graduate School of Business in Cape Town. The seminar focused on the research topic of bridging the missing middle in entrepreneurial finance in South Africa through developing angel investor networks. It gave an overview of the research on how these groups work in the USA as well as research ideas on how this could be done in South Africa and I’m happy that I was given permission to publish it here on my blog:

Angel groups in South Africa (PDF Download)

2 responses to Angel Investors Group in South Africa presentation

  1. I have unique projects that are for the local South African market as well as the International market. They are all ready to be launched and I am looking for investors. Is there any advice you may be able to give me please?

  2. I am the chairperson of the International Business Brokers Association South African Chapter and would very much like to know more about the Angle network or even assist with setting up the Angel Network in South Africa. Our 1/4ly meeting for IBBASA is tomorrow 06 May at the Wanderers Club.
    We are based in Gauteng.
    Main street banks are dead to us, they are not offering any finance to our clients and to have another source of funding will unlock many deals currently stuck in the “no finance available zone”
    I can be contacted on